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Ali's Maine Lobster & Seafood Selections

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  • Nilforushan Equisport Events Exclusive
  • 12 Large Wild-Caught 5-6oz Lobster Tails
  • 12 Lavish Maine Lobster Rolls
  • 4 LBs Succulent Frozen Scallops
  • Flash-frozen to lock in ocean-fresh flavor
  • Sustainably harvested & hand-selected
  • Detailed prep instructions included
  • Free Overnight Shipping from Portland, ME

We have run out of stock for this item.

Product Details:

Exclusive assortment for Nilforushan Equisport Events VIPs, curated by NESE's own Ali Nilforushan!

This Grand Prix dining package for you includes:

12 Large Wild-Caught Maine Lobster Tails (5-6 oz.)
Robust, yet tender, sweet and delicate. We recommend our larger 5-6 ounce Maine Lobster Tails to those who love a little extra on the plate, because they provide an extra mouthful of delicious lobster meat while still retaining the exceptional flavor that only comes from the smaller, deep cold water lobsters. Prep Tip: How to cook lobster tails at home

12 Maine Lobster Rolls
Our Lobster Roll Kit For 12 comes with everything you need to savor Maine Lobster Rolls at home. Includes: 3 LBs lobster claw & knuckle meat (perfectly pre-cooked & flash-frozen), 12 New England Rolls (split-top style) locally baked by an iconic Italian sandwich shop in Maine, and our exclusive top-secret spice kit. Prep Tip: How to make Maine lobster rolls at home

Four Pounds Succulent Frozen New England Scallops
Plump, meaty, and "dry packed" (never treated with preservatives) for superior flavor and texture. Our New England Scallops are sweet with a delightful hint of the cold, clean Atlantic. Not to mention, they are a generous U 10-20 portion (meaning there are approximately 10 to 20 scallops per pound). Prep Tip: How to prepare New England Scallops at home

Get Maine Lobster™ Promise: Our Maine lobsters are wild-caught by lobsterwo/men dedicated to preserving the sustainability of the Maine lobster industry and engage in practices that ensure its health and vitality. Each lobster is hand-selected with care and humanely by experienced lobster-handling experts and packaged with sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials.