Greatest Hits: Lobster Rolls & Tails

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  • Famous Maine Lobster Roll Kit For 4
  • 4 Sweetest Maine Lobster Tails (4-5 oz)
  • Wild-caught, sustainably harvested & hand-selected
  • Flash-frozen for arctic freshness
  • Includes our easy-peasy prep instructions for you

Do you love to indulge in rich Maine Lobstah Rolls, or do you prefer to savor wicked sweet Maine Lobster Tails? 

What if you could catch both customer-faves together... at a claw-some deal?

We created this Greatest Hits value pack for you! Now you can have our famous Maine Lobster Roll Kit For 4, plus a 4-pack of our sweetest wild-caught Maine lobster tails (4-5 oz) delivered right to your doorstep at a $100 OFF value.

Greatest Hits Pack includes:

Maine Lobster Roll Kit For Four: 1 LB juicy wild-caught Maine lobster claw & knuckle meat (pre-cooked to perfection & flash-frozen), 4 New England Split Top Rolls baked by Amato's - an iconic Italian sandwich shop in Maine, our Exclusive top-secret spice kit and easy-peasy prep instructions for you. How to make Maine lobster rolls at home.

Top-Selling Sweetest Maine Lobster Tails 4-Pack: Our succulent, wild-caught 4-5 ounce lobstah tails come from smaller lobsters, which are known to have the sweetest meat. Sustainably hand-harvested off the coast of Maine, hand-selected for you and expertly flash-frozen for arctic freshness. These medium size Maine Lobster tails are wicked good! How to cook lobster tails at home.

If ordered separately, these two best-sellers would run you $249.99 + $19.99 shipping. Don't miss your chance to have em' delivered for only $169.99 + FREE Overnight shipping - a $100 off value! Only through this special value pack deal. 

We'd love to send you our Greatest Hits Pack, so you can indulge in the best of both worlds when it comes to Maine lobstah and hook into a wicked good deal!

Interested? Don't delay, this limited-edition bundle will be gone in a flash.

Get Maine Lobster™ Promise: Our Maine lobsters are wild-caught by lobsterwo/men dedicated to preserving the sustainability of the Maine lobster industry and engage in practices that ensure its health and vitality. Each lobster is hand-selected with care and humanely by experienced lobster-handling experts and packaged with sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials.