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Fresh Atlantic Pollock

  • Fresh Atlantic Pollock (2, 4 or 6 LBs)
  • Flakey, sweet & mild flavor: wicked versatile!
  • Caught off the coast of Maine & Guaranteed FRESH
  • Hand-selected just for you
  • Sourced from local fishmonger who supplies top Portland restaurants
  • Ships Overnight straight from Portland, ME

How would you like to savor the freshest Maine catch going right now?

We're thrilled to introduce you to our delicious Gulf of Maine Pollock, delivered FRESH from our Portland, Maine dock to your doorstep.

Have you ever tried Atlantic Pollock? Our fishmonger shared the open secret with us: Portland, ME locals can't get enough of fresh Maine pollock these days. 

Why? You know the tender, flaky texture of a perfectly cooked piece of fish? Now add a touch of sweetness and a hint of the ocean's freshness. That's Atlantic Pollock! Not too fishy, not too overpowering - just the right balance of flavors that pairs well with your fave sauces and seasonings.

Do you want to know something else that's wicked cool? Our Gulf of Maine Pollock comes straight from the same fishmonger who supplies many top seafood restaurants right here in Portland, Maine.

That means you're getting the same five-star seafood that chefs in the know choose for their culinary masterpieces. Not to mention, you're eatin' wicked good seafood like a true Mainer!

Do you want in on even more reasons why Atlantic Pollock is going to blow your mind?

Healthy Vibes: This fish is lean and packed with pure protein power.
Omega-3 Goodness: We're talking about those brain-boosting, heart-happy Omega-3s. It's like food for your noggin and ticker!
Kitchen Magic: Atlantic Pollock is the Mr. Nice Guy of fish. It plays well with all your recipes & cooking experiments. Grill it, bake it, or do your thing with it. 
Eco-Friendly: We're all about protecting Mother Earth. Our Pollock is sustainably sourced from the crisp, clean waters of the Gulf of Maine, so you can feel good about what you're munching on.

We'd love to send you some FRESH Gulf of Maine Pollock, straight off our Portland, Maine dock. Are you ready to dive into the seafood dining experience you deserve? Reel in your Fresh Atlantic Pollock today!

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