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👉 New BOGO Deal ⚡️

This BOGO deal is great for foodies looking to enhance a favorite recipe with the sweet flavor of lobster and crab. Our lobster and crab is wild-caught and sustainable, cooked to perfection, and immediately flash-frozen to lock in the flavor.


  • Details for 2LBs Option:
  • 2 lbs frozen Maine claw and knuckle lobster meat
  • 2 lbs frozen North Atlantic Rock Crab Meat
  • Overnight Shipping Included Standards
Our live Maine lobsters are caught by Maine lobsterwo/men dedicated to preserving the sustainability of the Maine lobster industry and engage in practices that ensure its health and vitality. Each lobster is hand-selected with care and humanely by experienced lobster-handling experts and packaged with sustainable, environmentally-friendly materials.
***Note*** If you wish to not have 2lb or 5lb packages in larger orders.  Please notify us immediately after purchase.