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Why are the 4-5 ounce lobster tails a customer favorite? To begin with, these tails are 100% cold water Maine lobster, trapped and brought to dock to be immediately processed and frozen right out of the sea - locking in their ocean freshness. These tails come from smaller lobsters who we believe always have the tenderest, sweetest meat. And the 4-5 ounce portion is a perfect size for so many recipes, we recommend two tails per person! So easy to prepare, simply thaw and broil, bake, grill, steam...a Maine lobster tail elevates any meal or occasion into a gourmet event!


  • 12 Wild-caught Maine Lobster Tails (4-5 oz)
  • Overnight shipping included
  • Certified sustainable
  • Cooking instructions included

Prep Tips:

Instruction Video: Grill Lobster Tails