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How often do you cook with food that moves? A little intimidating? Perhaps. It takes a certain kind cook to appreciate the rewards of such an endeavor. There's nothing like the sweet, ocean-fresh flavor of live Maine lobster. Steamed, grilled, broiled, dipped in melted butter—the choice is yours. No matter what you choose, it's sure to make a statement.

Simply steamed to perfection with nothing added, or steeped in a white wine, stock, and garlic reduction, their light, brinily musky, ethereal ocean flavor with a slight opposing chewiness is sometimes referred to as the nectar of the gods. Whatever you call them, they will bring you to your knees.


  • Guaranteed FRESH. We hand-select our live Maine Lobsters daily.
  • (4) 1.1-lb to 1.2-lb live Maine Lobster
  • (4 lbs)  freshly harvested, clean mussels
  • Overnight Shipping Included
  • Hand-selected, cleaned, and de-bearded

Review: "I just received my diver scallops today. Wow, I thought I knew good scallops. I don’t think I could ever buy from my local fish market again. They were amazing. Better than some of the highest-end restaurants I have visited. No grit. No fishy taste. Just pure deliciousness." —Jamie, VA

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