Spotlight: Maine Dayboat Scallops Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Spotlight: Maine Dayboat Scallops

Fresh caught in the morning, delivered to your doorstep the next day.
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[SPOTLIGHT]: Fresh Maine Haddock

[SPOTLIGHT]: Fresh Maine Haddock

If you grew up in Maine, chances are that haddock is your favorite seafood (along with the lobster of course!) Here, haddock is “king” - especially when battered and fried as the coveted Fried Haddock Sandwich (or “Fish and Chips”), a year-round staple in almost every coastal restaurant from Portland’s white-table cloths to the lobstah shacks DownEast. It also finds it way into another of our traditional favorites, the Haddock Chowdah.
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5 Super Bowl Recipes That Score Big

5 Super Bowl Recipes That Score Big

If your Super Bowl menu is not worthy of the Lombardi trophy, then you may as well hang up your apron. It's the Big Game, with that comes big flavor! These recipes are sure to score big at halftime! P.S. Check out our Big Game Picks>

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How To Crack and Eat a Maine Lobster Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

How To Crack and Eat a Maine Lobster

Nothing can get between a hungry seafood fan and the lobster of his dreams—except, possibly, the fear of public embarrassment. Cracking a lobster isn’t the sort of skill you can fake, and for those without the knack, the process might seem daunting. But before you deny yourself the lobster you’re craving, check out these easy instructions—you’ll look like a lobster cracking pro in no time.

Twist off the claws. Crack each claw and knuckle with a lobster or nut cracker (although you can also do this by hand).

Remove the meat with that tiny fork or with your fingers. Separate the tail from the body and break off the tail flippers. Extract the meat from each flipper. Insert a fork and push the tail meat out in one piece.

Remove and discard the black vein that runs the entire length of the tail meat. Separate the shell of the body from the underside by pulling them apart. Discard the green substance called the tomalley.

Open the underside of the body by cracking it apart in the middle, with the small walking legs on either side. Extract the meat from the leg joints and the legs themselves by biting down on the leg and squeezing the meat out with your teeth.

Wash those briny hands, enjoy the feeling of pride… and get another lobster. You deserve it.

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Your Choice: You Pick When Your Order Arrives Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Your Choice: You Pick When Your Order Arrives

Our Mission: An unforgettable Maine lobster experience at home.

You want something special. You're going to fly in some lobster and seafood from Maine. What's the process? When do I order?

We're the experts at delivering Maine lobster to your home. And, we discovered early on that you need the freedom and power to choose when your lobster order arrives. Am I right?

When do you ship my order?

Every order placed on (minus eGift cards), is able to (and required) choose an arrival date (Tuesday - Saturday). So, the short answer, we pick, pack, and ship your order the day before the arrival date you selected. Your order is always FRESH (even when it's frozen)!

Ok, so I can place my order today and have it arrive in 2 weeks?

YES! In fact, you can order today, pick a date in 2 weeks, and then change your mind. This is especially helpful when we have one of our random FLASH sales and you do not want to miss out on special savings.

Hey, what's it like to fly in some Live lobsters from Maine...

Here's Our Promise:

  1. Superior quality: we literally curate every product we offer. 
  2. Exceptional service: we treat you like family.
  3. We always make it right: even when we get it wrong!
  4. Sustainably focused: from our products, to our print materials. If it's not sustainably sourced, we don't use it to operate our business.

How To Cook Lobster:

Ready for us to deliver Maine lobster to your doorstep? Below are our most current special offers...go ahead, plan that next dinner party, and feast in style!

Popular Lobster Picks:

If you've yet to use our Maine lobster delivery service, we'd love to serve. Check out our Facebook page...we have more 5-star ratings that any other Maine lobster company!

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