Spotlight: Wild Caught Baja Shrimp

Spotlight: Wild Caught Baja Shrimp

Mark Murrell

It's rare to find wild caught shrimp these days. Even more rare, 100% clean shrimp --- free of chemicals. Our shrimp is harvested in pristine unspoiled waters near Baja California --- harvested by artisan fishermen who use hand drawn nets out of small panga boats. This helps them have the least impact on the fishery and environment.

Wild shrimp feed on a natural, nutrient-rich diet giving them an extra firm texture and higher content of Omega 3, protein, minerals and vitamins over farmed varieties. Baja Shrimp is superior in quality, responsibly harvested and represents the best of a fishery’s sustainability practices. Always guaranteed to be chemical free, 100% natural, with no preservatives of any kind. Just awesome shrimp.


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