Spotlight: Calvetti Culinary Creations

Spotlight: Calvetti Culinary Creations

When it comes to sourcing five-star restaurant quality meats with a French twist, we look to our friends at Calvetti Culinary Creations.

As a second generation, family run business for over 40 years, an integral part of Calvetti's focus aligns closely with ours here at Get Maine Lobster - that is to delight customers with a fine dining experience at home. 

The chefs at Calvetti prepare their meats using the traditional French Sous-vide technique, which is a precision culinary method of preserving food in packages, and carefully cooking them through water immersion. 

What makes Sous-vide so special?

During the Sous-vide process, expertly prepared meat is sealed in packages, and then immersed in a water bath and cooked at a gentle, consistent temperature. Maintaining precise temperature control and uniform heating results in a higher retention of important vitamins and minerals, robust flavor, and superior texture and tenderness.

Prepared by chefs, ready-to-heat at home

Calvetti's Sous-vide meats are expertly prepared by professional chefs, who season and pre-sear each cut to perfection. Once cooked, the meats are flash frozen to lock in the premium taste and texture. From there, the fine meats are ready to be delivered to your doorstep. Simply re-heat to enjoy genuine, chef-cooked French cuisine at home. 

Treat yourself to Calvetti's superior Sous-vide Short Ribs, plus our delectable, wild-caught Maine Lobster Tails, with our special Short Ribs & Tails combo today!