Special Savings: Live Maine Lobster Buy One, Get One Free Deals

Special Savings: Live Maine Lobster Buy One, Get One Free Deals

Sorry! This offer has ended. Keep an eye out for our next great deal!

Have a birthday coming up? An anniversary? Or could you just use a fun walk on the wild side?

Here's an easy way to go deliciously wild: enjoy $55 OFF your top three, wild-caught Live Maine Lobster BOGO deals in honor of Earth Day this week! Free Overnight Shipping included.

Limited time special coupon applies to items on this page only!

Buy 4 Live Maine Lobsters, Get 2 Live Lobsters Free

Succulent, wild-caught 1.1-1.2 lb Maine lobsters delivered to your door directly from our Portland, ME dock!

Buy 4 Live Maine Lobsters, Get 1 LB Fresh Scallops Free

Best of the Atlantic! Juicy wild-caught Maine lobsters (1.1-1.2 lb) & extra plump Fresh Maine Scallops. 

Buy 4 Live Maine Lobsters, Get 4 LBs Fresh Maine Mussels Free

Sweet, wild-caught 1.1-1.2 lb Live Maine Lobsters & freshly harvested, clean, de-bearded Maine Mussels. 

Want to give your dining companions a walk on the wild side?

Our wild-caught Live Maine Lobsters are guaranteed to uplift your occasion! Please don't delay, we can't keep these Earth Day deals going for too long. 

By the way...Did you know Maine's fishery has long been recognized as a model of sustainability?

It's true! The Maine Lobster industry’s focus on sustainability and conservation has been embedded in the Maine way of life for generations, dating back more than 150 years. As you ponder which Live Maine Lobster deal you'd like to savor today, feel free to discover all the ways our industry is sustainable!