Special Offer: WHOLE Flash Frozen Maine Lobsters

Special Offer: WHOLE Flash Frozen Maine Lobsters

Katrina Crowell


Usually only available to casinos and cruise ships, our Whole Flash Frozen Maine Lobsters are an incredible value. 

All the luxury of live Maine lobsters. No live lobster handling required. Right now: Get SIX whole flash-frozen Maine lobsters for just $134.99 - includes FREE Shipping. 

Tell me more... Just like the 6-7 oz. size Lobster Tails, casinos and cruise ships love whole flash frozen lobsters. Why? They don't have to worry about “shrink," which is what you have to throw away because you didn't use the product quick enough. And, because these lobsters are blanched (cooked briefly) and immediately flash-frozen, they taste just as awesome as whole live lobsters!

Tell me MORE: These live lobsters get cooked for 90 seconds - this separates the meat of the lobster from the shell. They're immediately cooled and then flash frozen for easy storage, and that fresh from the ocean flavor. You can store these for up to 6 months in your freezer. And...these whole lobsters were frozen before the lobster price went through the roof.

TELL ME MORE! Here’s the special deal:

  • Get SIX whole lobsters; average weight per lobster; 1-1.1 pounds each
  • Flash-frozen, ready to thaw and prepare, or store for later (choice is yours!)
  • Arrives Thursday, March 18; only 134.99, FREE Shipping Included
  • Limited quantities - act now to secure your whole lobsters!

Right now, six live Maine lobsters on our site sells for $189.99 + shipping. With this exclusive offer, you only pay $134.99, plus get FREE shipping...and the whole lobsters are already humanely handled, flash-frozen and ready to enjoy at your convenience.

Please don’t delay if you’re interested in this special, because this incredible product and deal doesn’t come around often, and it’s already selling out fast.

Prep Tip: How to cook Whole Frozen Lobsters