Special Offer: One Dozen Large, Juicy Blue Crab!

Special Offer: One Dozen Large, Juicy Blue Crab!

Katrina Crowell

Our Large Blue Crab deal is back - right on time for Labor Day Weekend!

You Get: one dozen (12) large (5-7 oz) juicy Blue Crabs shipped to your doorstep straight out of Chesapeake Bay! Only $124.99; Arrives Thurs. 9/2/21

Additional Details:

  • One Dozen (12) Large, Juicy Chesapeake Bay Blue Crabs
  • Luxurious larger size female crabs, 5-7 oz./each
  • Blue Crabs hand-harvested by a 4th generation Virginia waterman
  • Harvested, steamed & shipped fresh overnight to your doorstep from Chesapeake Bay
  • Arrives fresh - never frozen - and ready to enjoy upon arrival
  • Comes with (1) Old Bay seasoning pack to savor your crab feast in style
  • Just $124.99 + $19.99 Shipping | Arrives 9/2 | Hurry, only 100 dozen-packs available

You loved them, so we brought em' back. Right on time to send off summer in style Labor Day weekend, get your claws on our dozen large blue crabs straight out of Chesapeake Bay!

Customers had been asking us for a great offer on crab, so we asked our friend Tom if he had any quality sources. You see, Tom runs an innovative, environmentally focused oyster farm just north of the Rappahannock River in Virginia - an area also known for incredible Chesapeake Bay Blue Crab.

As luck would have it, Tom not only knew where to find the best Blue Crab - his farm is actively harvesting the delicacy right now.

A flavorful treasure from the depths of the clean, nutrient-rich waters in White Stone Virginia, these succulent crabs are hand-harvested by a fourth generation waterman, steamed to perfection, and shipped FRESH same-day to lock in superior freshness and flavor you'll be hard pressed to find elsewhere.

These dozen large blue crabs are never frozen, all female, and oh-so-sweet. Perfect for an indulgent crab sandwich or any other recipe you're ready to elevate.

Don't delay! Only 100 twelve-packs are available, and this delicacy is sure to fly off our shelves - just like last time.