Special Offer: 2 LBs FRESH Maine Lobster Meat (Never Frozen!)

Special Offer: 2 LBs FRESH Maine Lobster Meat (Never Frozen!)

Would you like to treat yourself to a little luxury? How about a five-star dining experience with zero cooking required?

Good news! Fresh Maine Lobster Meat prices have dropped, so we're passing on the savings to you. 

Here's your special deal: 2 LBs FRESH (never frozen!) Maine Lobster Meat (sweetest claw & knuckle) | Now just $174.99 + Free Overnight Shipping | Ships 1-3 business days from order date


  • 2 LBS Fresh Maine Lobster Meat (claw & knuckle)
  • Wild-caught, sustainably harvested & hand-selected
  • Perfectly pre-cooked, comes fresh (not frozen!) & ready to enjoy!
  • Ships 1-3 business days from order date | $174.99, Free Shipping

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Limited Fresh Maine Lobster Meat two-pound packs are available at this special pricing. Interested in this deal? Please act FAST! 

Demand for Maine Lobster is through the roof right now, and supply hasn't totally caught up.... But, we know how much you love fresh lobster meat, so we're constantly searching the market for the best Maine Lobster Meat (and all lobster & gourmet dining delights) we can find.

We lucked out, and came into a limited supply of sweet, succulent, FRESH (never frozen) Maine Lobster Meat, now at a better price. Market rate is still a bit higher than usual due to low supply/high demand, but we're now able to offer you this coveted delicacy at an even nicer value.

Did you know? It takes 10-12 whole lobsters to create 2 pounds of freshly picked lobster meat.

Wild-caught from the icy, deep waters of the Atlantic sea, we’re proud of the Maine lobster meat we select for you, and we want you to experience its fresh, sweet flavor the way nature intended you to do. That’s why we overnight ship it fresh from our docks to your doorstep - perfectly pre-cooked and ready to enjoy.

*Please be sure to enjoy or freeze your fresh Maine Lobster Meat within 5 days upon arrival.