Special: Large Maine Lobster Tails & Savory Crab Cakes

Special: Large Maine Lobster Tails & Savory Crab Cakes

Just in time for your celebrations next weekend! How would you like to feast on large Maine lobster tails and savory Maryland crab cakes for The Fourth?

Now you can bring home your favorite large, juicy 5-6 oz. Maine Lobster tails, plus our classic Maryland-style Crab Cakes for the best summer dining experience from sea to shining sea.

You Get: 8 Large Maine Lobster Tails (5-6 oz/each) | 4 Savory Maryland-Style Crab Cakes | Just $194.99 + Free Shipping | Arrives Weds. June 29, 2022 - perfect timing for your July 4th weekend feasts!

It's All In The (Offer) Details:

  • Eight Large 5-6 oz. Maine Lobster Tails: robust, yet still tender and delicate
  • Four Classic Maryland-Style Crab Cakes: a summer essential
  • Juicy, larger size tails satisfies hearty appetites
  • Arrives Wednesday, 6/29; only $194.99 - includes FREE Shipping

Limited time special offer - reserve your order today!

PS. Right now our site, eight 5-6 oz. Maine lobster tails are selling for $214.99 + $19.99 shipping. With this special deal, you get eight large Maine lobster tails (5-6 oz.), plus four best-selling Maryland-style Crab Cakes and FREE Shipping - ALL for only $194.99! This special is only available to our best customers through this exclusive offer.

Robust and juicy, yet tender and delicate, our large 5-6 ounce Maine Lobster Tails are perfect for those who love a little extra on the plate - providing a little extra mouthful of delicious meat while still retaining the exceptional flavor you'll only find with smaller, deep water Maine lobsters. Substantial enough to serve as part of a main course like no other, these succulent lobster tails will take your summer gatherings from celebratory to EPIC.

Speaking of summer....It isn't a complete "summah dinnah" without savory crab cakes! Our hearty Maryland-style crab cakes make an indulgent start to any feast.

If you want to make this Fourth one for the books, this special feast is just for you! Hurry, special offer only available while supplies last.