Special: Giant 16-20 oz. Lobster Tails Bundle

Special: Giant 16-20 oz. Lobster Tails Bundle

Katrina Crowell

Back in stock! Two GIANT 16-20 oz. North Atlantic Lobster Tails, and one generous pound of melt-in-your-mouth all natural Steakhouse Tips are an irresistible pair in our limited-edition bundle.

This expertly curated experience even includes an exclusive, custom Get Maine Lobster Wooden Mallet, so you can crack into your tails and hold on to a keepsake to commemorate your epic huge tails feast. Quantities are extremely limited - only 90 bundles available. Act FAST!

You Get: 2 HUGE 16-20 ounce Lobster Tails | 1 LB Savory Steakhouse Tips | 1 Custom Get Maine Lobster Wooden Mallet | Just $199.99 | Free Overnight Shipping | Arrives Thursday, 9/23/21 

Each Bundle Features:

      • 2 GIANT North Atlantic Lobster Tails (16-20 oz/each!)
      • 1 LB Mouthwatering Steakhouse Tips from Maine's own Pineland Farms
      • 1 Exclusive custom Get Maine Lobster Wooden Mallet to help you get crackin'
      • Tails are wild-caught, sustainably harvested and hand-selected
      • Premium steak tips are all-natural fed and antibiotic-free
      • Flash-frozen to lock in richness & fresh flavor
      • Just $199.99 | FREE Overnight Shipping | Arrives Thurs. 9/23
      • Act FAST - only 90 packs still available - these will go quickly 

Our giant lobster tails come from 6-7 pound lobsters, wild-caught in deep, ice cold Atlantic waters. These giant lobster tails are a rare find in the market... so rare, we're only able to offer 90 bundles that include these incredible tails.

Customers rave about our tender Steakhouse Tips sourced straight from Pineland Farms. Pineland is a natural beef producer based in Maine, committed to producing the highest quality all-natural beef from cattle raised in the Eastern region of the country. Their cattle are born, raised and harvested exclusively in the USA, fed a strict vegetarian diet, and are antibiotic-free from birth.

Don't miss your chance to score these huge 16-20 oz tails, premium steak tips, and your own Get Maine Lobster mallet!

Our giant lobster tails can sell out as quickly as 1 hour, so act FAST.

How to Prepare Massive Tails:

      • Bake: pre-heat at 350; bake for about 18-20 minutes
      • Grill: set to medium heat: Split tails in half and grill for about 11-12 minutes
      • Steam: steam for about 10-12 minutes