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Shipping Protection

Shipping Protection

Why and what is shipping protection?

You may be wondering, why you've noticed an extra fee to Protect your package with us. And we understand your concern. Consider it a great peace of mind for these perishable orders that could (although not likely!) be delayed or damaged or lost in transit. When a claim is approved, you can receive a refund (minus the shipping protection cost) or a full replacement order. We make the process easy! 

We strive to provide unforgettable experiences and we stand by our high level of service. The challenging reality with shipping any item is that in rare instances, some shipments may experience an issue in transit. Most are covered by the shipping protection. This proves that the actual value of this protection is far bigger than it's low cost!

What is covered by Shipping Protection?

There are 4 main issues covered:

  1. Your shipment delivered a day or more late and the product is spoiled
  2. Your shipment and/or items were damaged in transit (pictures are required to submit claims)
  3. Your shipment was lost in transit and never delivered (tracking details required)
  4. Your shipment was stolen after delivery (proof of delivery required)

Note: For spoiled or damaged shipments, pictures of the package and items are required to submit a claim.

How and when to submit a claim?

The process of submitting a claim is pretty straightforward:

Claims can only be submitted after tracking details show a shipment has been delivered or discarded. Lost shipment claims can be submitted after the original delivery date has passed.

  1. Email us at info@getmainelobster.com to start your claim.
  2. Enter your email address and order ID (starts with “GML”)
  3. Provide a reason for the claim (Damaged, Lost or Stolen).
  4. Provide details and information on what happened. Specify if you’d like to set a reship or if you want to get a refund
  5. A GML representative will respond back to you within a day or two.

You are eligible to submit the claim when:

  • Your package status is “delivered” but you cannot locate it nearby your house
  • Package and/or items arrived damaged (pictures required)
  • Order is delayed for more than 2 days with no tracking progress on the website
  • Package was stolen from your residence after delivery
Note: If your package got delayed for one day, your products should still arrive in a wonderful shape and can be enjoyed. We do pack each box with extra care for such occasions. So we ask that you don't rush it with the claim ahead of time. It's best to wait until the box arrives, inspect the products and decide on how to proceed. Please be sure to email us with pictures, so we can assess the condition of the products and provide assistance. 

How is the cost calculated?

Price is based on the selected products price. Currently, it is 3% of the order total.

Is Shipping Protection obligatory?

No. Shipping Protection is automatically added to each order, but you can still deselect it at the checkout by switching the toggle to “Off” mode . However, we highly recommend keeping it for the added protection of your purchase. It’s peace of mind when weather delays, damage or a stolen shipment is the issue. 

Note: If you intentionally deselect Shipping Protection and an issue that might have been covered happens during transit, GML won’t be able to help with a reship or refund.