More Fresh Maine Lobster Meat! Claw & Knuckle

More Fresh Maine Lobster Meat! Claw & Knuckle

Katrina Crowell


Wild-caught from the icy, deep waters of the Atlantic sea, we’re proud of the Maine lobster meat we select for you, and we want you to experience its fresh, sweet flavor the way nature intended you to do. That’s why we overnight ship it fresh from our docks to your doorstep - perfectly pre-cooked and ready to enjoy.

Don't delay - the Big Game is just about to kick off, and our Fresh Maine Lobster Meat supply is extremely limited.


          • 2 LBS Fresh, 100% Maine lobster meat (claw & knuckle)
          • Great for dipping in hot butter, appetizers, or upscaling your favorite entree
          • Perfectly pre-cooked, arrives fresh (not frozen!) and ready to enjoy
          • Sustainably harvested and hand-selected
          • Arrives Friday, 2/5/21 - right on time for the game
          • Only $140 - includes FREE overnight shipping

Did you know? It takes 10-12 whole lobsters to create 2 pounds of freshly picked lobster meat.