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Katrina's Birthday Savings

Katrina's Birthday Savings

Enjoy en extra $40 OFF my top three Maine lobster & Seafood favorites! Use coupon code: KATRINA40 at checkout to save on the items below.

The Party Pack

Elevate your appetizer spread with our best-selling starters combo: juicy Jonah Crab Claws (5 lbs), succulent Tiger Shrimp (2 lbs), extra plump Frozen Scallops (2 lbs) and 12 savory New England Stuffed Clams. Yum!

Maine Lobster Roll Kits (Frozen)

Our authentic Lobster Roll Kit makes it easy for you to enjoy Maine's greatest export at home. Includes split-top buns from a local Maine bakery, our top-secret spice kit, and of course, plenty of sweet, succulent lobster meat (flash-frozen claw & knuckle)! 

Live Maine Lobster Culls

Customer-favorite Culls are the same as any other fresh, sweet Maine lobster, just missing an arm and claw, from battling it out in the ice cold Atlantic. We get to buy these in bulk, so we're happy to pass along the savings to you!