Big Daddy Tails & Steaks Bundle

Big Daddy Tails & Steaks Bundle

Do you want to go BIG for Father's Day? Congratulate a special graduate for their achievement? Or is it simply time to treat yourself (we know you deserve it!)?

Introducing our BIG Daddy Bundle: Two MEGA-Size 14-16 oz. Lobster Tails | Two BIG Juicy USDA Prime NY Strip Steaks (16 oz) | Just $199.99 | Free Overnight Shipping | Ships 1-3 business days from order date

That's 64 total ounces of delicious food - can feed up to 4-6 people!

Limited edition, only 100 Big Daddy Bundles available! Claim yours now and pop in the freezer for Father's Day, or enjoy whenever you're ready to feast like royalty.

It's All In The Details/You Get:

  • Two MEGA-Size Wild-Caught North Atlantic Lobster Tails (14-16 oz/each!)
  • Two BIG, Juicy USDA Prime NY Strip Steaks (16 oz/each)
  • Tails sustainably harvested and hand-selected
  • Natural-fed steaks sourced from Maine-based Pineland Farms
  • All items flash-frozen for unrivaled freshness
  • Just $199.99 | Free Overnight Shipping | Ships 1-3 business days from order date

Extremely limited-edition bundle - only 100 available! 

PS. Right now on our site, two 14-16 oz. North Atlantic Lobster Tails alone are selling for $184.99 + $19.99 shipping. Here's your chance to catch the same MEGA tails, PLUS two BIG 16 oz. steaks at a great value, plus with Free Overnight Shipping. 

Do you want to know why we call this bundle the "Big Daddy"?

It's because this feast goes BIG at every angle: SIZE, Flavor, Luxury...and that's only the beginning.

Two MEGA-sized, wild-caught 14-16 ounce lobster tails: hand-harvested from icy North Atlantic waters, expertly hand-selected and flash-frozen to lock in that ocean fresh flavor. Once you crack into these HUGE, impressive lobster tails, you'll know first-hand why most seafood connoisseurs consider the North Atlantic to be home of the sweetest, best tasting lobster.

Two big, juicy 16 ounce USDA Prime NY Strip Steaks: Sourced from Pineland Farms, a natural beef producer based in Maine. Pineland Farms is committed to producing the highest quality all-natural beef from cattle raised in the Eastern region of the country. Their cattle are born, raised and harvested exclusively in the USA, fed a strict vegetarian diet, and are antibiotic-free from birth. To call their juicy USDA Prime NY Strips "mouthwatering" is an understatement!

Special limited edition bundle is only available on this page. Like all our MEGA-Size tail offers, this special BIG Daddy Bundle will go FAST.