7 Seductive Seafood Recipes for Valentine's Day

7 Seductive Seafood Recipes for Valentine's Day

Did you know? Only 25% of couples actually venture out for Valentine's Day! Most of the smart ones stay in to have an intimate evening at home.

When your romantic dinner for two needs to be unforgettable, look not further...7 surefire recipes to effectively seduce your sweetheart through his/her stomach. And of course, you should always fly-in your seafood straight from the source.

Maine Lobster Risotto

Bring a little Italian flavor to your Valentine's Day. There is a little bit of skill with this one, however, we will guide you through it with the step-by-step recipe >

Butter Poached Lobster Tails

What's better than a perfectly cooked wild caught Maine lobster tail? One that has been slowly poached in butter! CLICK HERE to discover the pathway to culinary bliss.

Fresh Maine Lobster Over Angel Hair Pasta

With this recipe, you can make an elegant, restaurant quality dish, right in your own home and make your boo's belly sing! CLICK HERE for recipe.

Maine Lobster Mac & Cheese

Add your favorite cut of beef and you've got an epic Valentine's Day dinner fit for a King and Queen. CLICK HERE to view recipe.

Pan Roasted Lobster

Brace yourself for one of the most tantalizing Maine lobster dishes you will ever have the pleasure to prepare and devour. CLICK HERE to show your love.

Maine Lobster Rangoon

Get the night started right with this perfect appetizer. CLICK HERE and bring some flare to the evening.

Maine Lobster Fondue

Bring a little french to the table. This is a great dish for sharing, and surely will bring a rich experience to your loved one. CLICK HERE for recipe.

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