How To Make Our Exclusive Queen Lobster Roll

How To Make Our Exclusive Queen Lobster Roll

Katrina Crowell

If you like Maine Lobster Rolls, you're going to love our exclusive take on the classic lobster roll with luxurious flavor that's fit for a queen!

Watch our CEO/Chief Curator, Mark Murrell demonstrate how to make the best Maine Lobster Roll in our video below!

Once you experience our exclusive new---100% Maine lobster tail meat!---roll in all its mouth-watering glory, you'll understand the saying about silver linings.

That's because, the idea for our luxurious Queen Lobster Roll was sparked as we faced a challenge sourcing Maine lobster meat, due to seasonality/weather and unprecedented demand in the age of COVID.

Then came an incredible breakthrough.

As we pondered our supply woes, we realized that while lobster meat is in short supply, we do have plenty of Maine lobster tails - in a particular size that happens to be perfect for a decadent lobster roll. What if we designed a special lobster roll kit using these tails? This would ensure that customers would receive only Maine Lobster, and (with just two small extra prep steps) would in fact provide an even more luxurious lobster roll experience, because the rolls would be filled with nothing but sweet, juicy, Maine lobster tail meat.

Our Queen Lobster Roll Kit was born.

Our innovative, easy to prepare kit comes with everything you need to create the best Maine lobster rolls at home: a generous portion of Maine lobster tails in our smallest and sweetest size (3-4 oz.), classic New England-style split top rolls; our exclusive, our top-secret spice blend, created by an award winning Maine lobster chef...and a stick of butter to drench your rolls to buttery perfection.

Haven't tried our amazing Queen Lobster Roll yet? Treat yourself now!