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What Inspires Me…

The photo above is Kara (NV). Kara is a customer of ours and recent recipient of my Random Acts of Kindness. The following is a series of emails between her and I.

ME: 12/7
Looks like I’m buying your order! Congrats on being Sunday’s recipient of my random acts of kindness.

KARA: 12/7
OH MY GOSH! I can’t believe it! Thanks you so much, you’re amazing! I will make sure I pass on a random act of kindness! Have a happy holiday!

ME: 12/7
I could not have asked for a better reply. Have an awesome holiday.

KARA: 12/9
Good morning Mark! I just wanted to let you know that we had to pass on your random act of kindness. Last night my family and I went to Target. We purchased 8 Barbie dolls & 4 Razor scooters and took them to our local radio stations annual toy drive. With your generosity 12 children will have presents this year! Thank you so much!

ME: 12/9
I AM BLOWN AWAY. YOU ARE AMAZING AND HAVE A GORGEOUS FAMILY. This is the most awesome ripple effect. Thanks for being a KICKASS human being!

This is where I got goosebumps all over my body…

KARA: 12/9
I’m so grateful for your generosity!

ME: 12/9
Thank you and thank you. YOU are the reason why I do this.

As a business owner, I am constantly having to remind myself of my “WHY”. Why do I do what I do and in the way that I do it? Kara, today, reinforced my answer to that constant question of why.

Why do I do what I do? I want people to have amazing experiences as often as possible. I am not alone in this. My whole team feels the same way. We talk about it all the time.

Random Acts of Kindness was born from this idea. I have no expectations of anyone when they are the recipient. I truly love doing it. Do I hope that it inspires people to pay if forward, yes, of course. However, that is not what drives this. My purpose is entirely selfish, as I gain the most joy by delivering the most joy.

In closing, Kara, thanks for the reminder and for being a powerful person in the world. YOU ROCK & are truly inspirational!

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