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[Video Update]: Status on the Wharf

Greetings, all. I wanted to send you another video update...

We're going to keep on trucking. We are here to serve if you need us.

At The Wharf:

  • Still have half the crew working from home
  • "Wharf" crew is healthy
  • Two cleanings at the wharf daily
  • Practicing social distancing
  • We're helping the locals as well

The Local Portland Catch

As I mentioned in the video, trying to "move" some seafood for our friends. This pack includes:

  • Fresh Quahogs (1lb)
  • Fresh Maine Mussels (2lbs)
  • 12 Maine Oysters.

I also found a recipe I think you will like for the Mussels and Quahogs. CLICK HERE to check it out. This pack is only $88.88 and includes overnight shipping. Upon ordering, it will arrive in 2-3 days. Only 20 packs available.