Mark's Lobster Love: The Story Behind Get Maine Lobster

Mark's Lobster Love: The Story Behind Get Maine Lobster

In this heartfelt article, Mark talks about his journey from growing up in Maine to founding Get Maine Lobster, sharing his passion for coastal flavors and creating unforgettable dining experiences.

How Did It All Start?

Mark’s lobster journey began with a simple, yet monumental realization. Growing up in Maine, lobsters were an ingredient that was always common and within his reach. It wasn’t until he moved to Chicago that he truly appreciated the cultural significance of this coastal delicacy.

While living in a city surrounded by a lake yet far from the ocean, he came up with an idea. Mark wondered how he could bring the taste of Maine to those who, like him, found themselves far away from home. This took root in 2009 and by 2010, Get Maine Lobster was born.

Why Lobster?

When asked why he specifically chose lobster, Mark’s answer was both simple and heartfelt: “It’s in the name!” he joked. Beyond that, however, he considered lobsters as a celebratory representation. It's a feast that brings people together, whether they are cracking shells open at a family dinner or indulging in a luxurious restaurant meal.

Mark’s ultimate goal was to share this type of experience with as many people as possible no matter what state or zip code. The idea of delivering live lobsters to doorsteps across the United States was both innovative and exciting, connecting people to Maine’s very culturally rich seafood tradition.

What Makes Lobster Special?

For Mark, lobster is more than just average seafood—it’s an experience. The simplicity of enjoying lobster with a bit of butter, sea salt, and special seasoning to elevate the flavor is something he truly appreciates.

It’s a celebratory food that brings joy and laughter, especially when sharing the prepping process, cooking, and cracking the lobster with those you love around the table. This communal aspect of lobster meals is something Mark cherishes deeply.

What Were the Biggest Challenges?

Starting Get Maine Lobster wasn’t without its hurdles. Initially operating from Chicago, Mark relied heavily on his partners in Maine. The logistical hurdles of shipping live lobsters across the country, dealing with weather challenges, and ensuring the product arrived fresh and intact were significant.

Additionally, making lobster preparation easy and accessible for customers was crucial. Over time, the company perfected its approach, offering both live lobsters and perfectly cooked lobster meat to suit different preferences.

How Has the Business Grown?

The journey of Get Maine Lobster is marked by several key milestones. One standout moment was when Chase Bank featured Mark in a national ad campaign, highlighting his success. Another pivotal point was moving back to Maine to be closer to the operations.

A huge game-changer was when the company acquired Maine Lobster Direct in 2019. This opportunity allowed them to monitor and personalize the entire process from boat to the customer’s doorsteps. The most dramatic growth came in 2020, when the business expanded by 600% at the onset of the pandemic which proved the team’s dedication and hard work.

What About Sustainability?

Sustainability is a foundation of Maine’s lobster industry, and it’s something Mark personally values deeply. The practices developed by Maine’s lobstermen and women make sure that lobster populations remain healthy for future generations.

From hand-harvesting methods to strict regulations when it comes to licensing, the main focus revolves around creating a sustainable generational economy. This commitment to sustainability aligns with Mark’s vision and passion of delivering the best Maine lobsters while supporting the local community.

What’s Next for Mark and Get Maine Lobster?

Mark is excited about the continuous growth of the business and enhancing the overall customer experience. Personally, his focus revolves around health and longevity aiming to live well into his hundreds.

Professionally, he dedicates his passion to improving his leadership skills and fostering a cohesive team all while having fun. With goals like increasing their five-star ratings and expanding capacity, the future looks bright for Mark and Get Maine Lobster.

Did This Article Get You Craving for Lobsters?

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