National Lobster Day: 9/25

National Lobster Day: 9/25

I think about lobster all year long, but the official holiday honoring Maine Lobster and the hardworking men and women who bring it from trap to table is National Lobster Day, September 25.

I’ll be celebrating with a Facebook Live broadcast at 10:00 a.m. (EDT) on Wednesday, September 25, and you’re invited to join me. If you schedule an order to arrive on National Lobster Day, it will include a free mystery gift. (You can always choose when to get your lobster.) And we’ll be offering special discounts for the holiday.

For one lucky lobster fan, dinner’s on me: I’ll be paying for one order that arrives on National Lobster Day. 

I’ll also be posting on Twitter and Instagram with #NationalLobsterDay hashtags, and looking out for your posts and shares too.

In the meantime, here are a few things to think about while you plan your own National Lobster Day celebration—and some recipe ideas for your menu.

Did you know:

The Maine Lobster fishery is a centuries-old industry that employs thousands of Mainers and contributes more than $1 billion a year to our state economy. 

Maine’s lobstermen and lobsterwomen have a long tradition of sustainable fishing: Maine Lobsters are 100% hand-harvested from small day boats, one trap at a time, to protect their quality and the marine habitat.

Lobsters have to shed their shells in order to grow. Oh, and while lobsters can keep on growing until they die, the only place they can actually live forever is on the Internet. 

Lobsters might not hold the secret to immortality, but Maine Lobster is very healthy. ( And whether gluten is healthy or not, lobster doesn’t have any, so it’s friendly for people who are eating keto or paleo.)

Our Top 5 Maine National Lobster Day Recipes: