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RAOK: Random Acts of Kindness

From 11/25/22-12/19/22, one customer order per day at random will be chosen to either: have their order doubled for FREE, have their order paid for by GML, or to receive a FREE gift bag packed with goodies from Maine ...for no particular reason, just because!

In the seven years since our Founder & CEO, Mark Murrell started our Random Acts of Kindness movement (or RAOK as we like to call it), hundreds of our customers have been surprised and delighted by having their order paid for by Mark, or received a gift bag from us packed with Maine goodies - totally out of the blue.

What began as a fun way to give back, swiftly turned into consistent moments of marvel. And this year, we're filling RAOK with even more fun and surprises with a holiday season giving event that's bigger than ever before. Will you be our next winner?

👉🏼 SOME OF OUR PAST WINNERS: Michael H. (NJ), Carol P (CA), Jason V (CA), John G (TX), Michael C (NY), Greg H (AZ), Pamela M (RI), Joan L (PA), Robert L (PA), Kyungeun L (WA), Brewster E (MO)

    How to join the fun: 

    Order one of our indulgent Maine lobster or seafood items & cross your fingers. Winners announced weekly in our email newsletter - be sure to join our email list and look for our updates in your inbox!

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    A special note:

    Small things make big waves. Surprising one customer a day by paying for or doubling their order, or by sending my personally curated gift bag is small in comparison to the many efforts of others trying to make the world a better place.

    However, this small effort can make big waves, and some folks from Maine are aiming to make the world a better place, one smile at a time.

    I have no expectations of anyone when they are the recipient. I truly love doing it. Do I hope that it inspires people to pay if forward? Yes, of course. However, that is not what drives this. My purpose is entirely selfish, as I gain the most joy by delivering the most joy. I sincerely hope you are one of the lucky ones. Happy shopping and holiday season.

    Click here to view official rules. 

    Here are some reviews of our customers:

    Dr. W. from California: “I was so very moved by the “Pay it forward” story that I volunteered to treat Vets coming back from Afghanistan/Iraq needing evaluations & treatment for PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). Least I could do! Let’s all keep this “Movement Going”! Best & Cheers” – Dr.W

    Teresa from GA: Teresa started off like this, “I’m sure it won’t be me Mr. Murrell, as I can’t afford to order. But God bless you and Kara. Merry Christmas sir”. I took the liberty of entering Teresa into the daily mix. Her response made my day, “Omg are you serious?  Thank you so much. You are awesome. I love lobster. I haven’t had it in so long my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Again thank you Sir. Have a blessed night.”

    KARA: Good morning Mark! I just wanted to let you know that we had to pass on your random act of kindness. Last night my family and I went to Target. We purchased 8 Barbie dolls & 4 Razor scooters and took them to our local radio stations annual toy drive. With your generosity 12 children will have presents this year! Thank you so much!

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