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Katrina Crowell

Surprise Flash Sale! Starts May 1, 2021

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Check out our latest special offers below! Note: these special offers are available in extremely limited-quantities, so if you spot something that makes your mouth water, don't wait to get your order in. Miss out on your favorite offer? No worries! Promo code: TEXT13 works sitewide. Hurry, because this private sale ends this Wednesday (5/5/21) at 11:59pm EST.

Exclusive! Chef Dena Marino's Maine Lobster Cioppino

Arrives 5/7/21, right on time for Mother's Day weekend! Treat the number one mom in your life to a luxurious meal personally crafted by one of the country’s most accomplished and preeminent chefs. Delivered from dock to doorstep with nearly all the trimmings needed for mom to dine like the star she’s always been. Limited edition kit. Order Now.

Fresh Maine Lobster Meat

We lucked out this week, and came into a very limited supply of sweet, succulent, FRESH (never frozen) Maine Lobster Meat. Market rate is a bit higher than usual due to low supply/high demand, but we're still able to offer this coveted delicacy at a nice value. Plus this special offer arrives Tuesday, May 4, 2021 - right on time for you to knock it out of the park this Mother's Day. Hurry, only 90 (2lb)packs of fresh lobster meat available. Order Now.

Four HUGE Maine Lobster Tails (7-8 oz)

Just $139.99 & includes FREE Shipping! Arrives Thursday, 5/6/21. You loved them, so we found a way to catch some more! And in time for your Mother's Day celebrations. Our jumbo-sized Maine Lobster Tails are certain to please a crowd and satisfy the heartiest of appetites. Meaty, tender and rich in flavor, these big lobster tails will make any dinner an extra special occasion. Limited quantities. Order Now.

Four BIG Maine Lobster Tails (6-7 oz)

Just $129.99 - includes FREE Shipping! Arrives Thursday, 5/6/21. These juicy and oh-so-tender lobster tails are usually scooped up by casinos and cruise ships before anyone else in the market, because 6-7s are considered to be a big, impressive lobster tail, but the size simply isn't well known outside of the industry. The silver lining: we're able to make these exclusive large lobster tails available directly to our customers - that's you! Limited quantities. Order Now.