Meet Our New Lobster Roll Bun

Meet Our New Lobster Roll Bun

We've got a new bun in the oven, and it's coming out hot and fresh! Check out our new lobster roll bun announcement from our Founder/CEO, Mark Murrell below. And don't miss Mark's how-to video on the best way to split into these bun beauties for your ultimate lobster roll.

"We’ve recently made an upgrade with our lobster roll kit...the bun. Growing up, there was this sandwich shop in Maine that always had the best breads...baked daily. This Italian sandwich shop (Amato's) is still one of Maine’s most iconic establishments to enjoy delicious sandwiches, indulgent Italian fare, and fresh baked goods. And, we are super proud to announce that they bake the rolls for our roll kit.

I made a very unique request of them that may seem slight, however I believe makes all the difference.


Why? Have you ever cut into a fresh baked bun? Remember the steam that pours out of the bun after that first slice? Well, that’s why. Yes, it is one more step for you, however, that extra step counts and makes for a richer Maine lobster roll experience.

It is often the slight modifications that takes good to great! See my quick video below."

Our New Lobster Roll Bun from Maine Lobster on Vimeo.