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Our Local Favorite: Meet Merritt Island Oyster Farm

Maine is widely renowned for our lobsters, but our cold coastal waters also offer another coveted treasure: the oyster.

Considered by many to be the best found anywhere in the country (and even the world), the Maine oyster is raised by growers all along our coastlines. 

We source ours fresh from Merritt Island Oysters, an oyster farm in Maine’s Midcoast region. Head Oyster Farmer, Jordi St. John has turned his lifelong passion for all things ocean into a career raising the finest oysters, from seed to maturity. 

The oysters from Merritt Island are exceptionally delicious, because the farm is positioned in the cold, clean, fast-flowing New Meadows River. This environment helps give the oysters the sweet, and slightly briny flavor the delicacy is famous for among oyster-lovers near and far. 

Environment (and health!) friendly

New Meadows River is naturally rich in algae, creating ideal conditions for oysters to feed and thrive. What’s more, growing oysters is an ecologically sustainable practice, as it gives back to the local environment. One adult oyster can filter nearly 50 gallons of water per day, during their natural feeding process. 

Another fantastic benefit the Maine oyster offers? They're great for your health! Each oyster is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids, protein and important minerals. Oysters are known to have some positive aphrodisiac benefits too ;) 

The world is your oyster…

When you’re in the mood for something truly special, reach for our fresh Maine oysters from Merritt Island Oysters. Our oysters ship fresh off the dock, and are larger “cocktail” size - absolutely perfect when served chilled on the half shell with a kiss of lemon, or dollop of your favorite spicy cocktail sauce. Dive into some fresh Maine oysters today!

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