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Maine Lobster for Easter!

Maine Lobster for Easter!

Why go straight to the ordinary when you can celebrate Easter in style?

In preparation for one of GML's favorite high holidays, and in honor of the longer days than nights, we've gathered up our customer favorites at can't-be-beat prices!

As if you needed another reason to eat Maine lobster and seafood, we're throwing in extra incentives to skip the ham and lamb and serve up our ocean delights with the fam!

Easter Inspired Recipes:

Maine Lobster & Seafood Lasagna: For this year’s Easter feast, imagine a sophisticated lasagna gracing the table, loaded with layers of favorite flavors, including seafood and Maine lobster. VIEW RECIPE >

Bacon-wrapped Lobster Bites: Just add bacon! This sweet and savory recipe will be a great starter to your Easter feast! VIEW RECIPE > 

Maine Lobster Fondue: This is a great recipe for special family dinners. Simple preparation with incredible flavor that will have your guests raving for years to come. VIEW RECIPE >

Lobster Flatbread: Want something simple for your Easter feast? Make a flatbread pizza! VIEW RECIPE >

Popular Easter Selections:

Live Maine Lobster: Wild caught be hand and delivered to your doorstep. Skip the ham and fly in some live Maine lobsters! Enjoy low flat rate shipping, regardless of where you live. ORDER NOW >

Fresh Maine OystersYes, Maine is known for lobster. However, we have some of the finest oysters in the world. Discover one of our hidden gems for yourself. ORDER NOW >

Maine Lobster Roll KitGo casual and make life easy with our Maine Lobster Roll Kit. Only 5 minutes to prepare and will likely have your guests OOHing and AHHing! ORDER NOW >

Need help building a custom Easter feast? EMAIL US!