Lobster Facts to Bring to Awkward Christmas Dinners

Lobster Facts to Bring to Awkward Christmas Dinners

The holiday season is a great time to spend with family; everyone comes around to a single host home (or virtual/Zoom gathering!) and competes to see who can expand their waistline in a single day of festivities!

Ok, so it’s not exactly that, but the idea is pretty much the same. Whether it’s a Christmas dinner, holiday lunch, or even breakfast, the goal is to use the power of food to bring friends and family together whether near or far. 

Of course, the trouble with family is that things can get a little awkward from time to time... especially when you find yourself cornered by a doting aunt that won’t let you off the hook when it comes to finding out what you’ve been up to the past year. Side note - no offense to all the doting aunts out there - we appreciate you!

To that end, we’ve compiled a list of helpful facts that should act as the perfect icebreakers for those moments when the conversation starts to fizzle out. Naturally, they’re all about lobsters...of course! 

Some Lobster Shells Can Used As Golf Balls

That’s right, crushed lobster shells have been used to make golf balls! If you’ve got a golfer in your family, then this could be a great way to get them to start chatting with you.

The fun part about lobster golf balls is that they’re still used today due to their biodegradable properties. This makes them ideal for cruise ships or courses near the ocean as they won’t pollute the waters like a plastic ball would.

Lobsters Can Get Pretty Old

That's right, lobsters can get seriously old in the wild, with most estimates of the more enormous variety getting to well over 100 years of age!

If that’s not amazing enough, then get this - lobsters keep growing as they age too! The oldest lobsters recorded are often the largest as well, with the biggest ones clocking in at between 40-50lbs! 

Commoner Food

Lobsters haven’t always been seen as the delicious delicacy we’ve grown to covet. In fact, during the colonial era, lobster meat was considered pretty basic, as lobsters themselves were a pretty common sight - especially if you were living in Maine.

As a result, only the very poor or imprisoned ate lobster regularly. Of course, we’d argue that this came to a swift end once someone started using melted butter on their lobsters…

That’s it for today’s blog from Get Maine Lobster. We hope you join us on our next blog entry to learn more about what we’re up to and what makes Maine Lobster so unique.