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Humanity is Grand

Thank you for being awesome.

This year’s Random Acts of Kindness campaign has been an amazing experience for me and my team. Random Acts of Kindness is a focused movement that pays for one lobster meal per day. What began as a fun way to give back, swiftly turned into consistent moments of marvel.

As this chapter closes on Random Acts of Kindness, I cannot express how humbled I am by the greatness that lies within you. I wish each of you were able to read all of the messages we received in response to this effort. Truly inspirational.

Let me share three:

Kara from NV: Kara was so awesome I had to blog about it. READ HERE >

Dr. W. from California: “I was so very moved by the “Pay it forward” story that I volunteered to treat Vets coming back from Afghanistan/Iraq needing evaluations & treatment for PTSD (Post traumatic stress disorder). Least I could do! Let’s all keep this “Movement Going”! Best & Cheers” – Dr.W

Teresa from GA: Teresa started off like this, “I’m sure it won’t be me Mr. Murrell, as I can’t afford to order. But God bless you and Kara. Merry Christmas sir”. I took the liberty of entering Teresa into the daily mix. Her response made my day, “Omg are you serious?  Thank you so much. You are awesome. I love lobster. I haven’t had it in so long my mouth is watering just thinking about it. Again thank you Sir. Have a blessed night.”

You can see the pattern here. Awesomeness abound.

What’s the big lesson?

Small things make big waves. Paying for one lobster dinner per day is small in comparison to the many efforts of others trying to make the world a better place. However, this small effort made big waves, and some boys from Maine are making the world a better place, one lobster dinner at a time.

I try not to “should” people, I like the word choose.

Every day, choose an opportunity to make someone else’s day. I promise and guarantee it will make you happy AND it will spread. What can you choose to do today? Tell me about it.

You know what we call that folks, it’s paying it forward.

Let’s Give, Receive, and Pay it Forward.

Merry Christmas, Happy Ḥanukah, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy Holidays

Mark Murrell