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Homegating: A Trend Football Fans Love Right Now

Like many traditions in 2020, tailgating at football games looks a lot different than any other season before.

With stadium capacity limited and parking lot tailgating paused, football fans have found a new way to celebrate their favorite team on Sundays this fall…Homegating. This new trend gives fans a fresh way to enjoy game day safely at home by incorporating tailgate traditions that make watching football even more fun and exciting into their home celebrations.

Ready to elevate football Sunday with your own homegating party? Get a head start with one of the winning ideas below!

Leverage Your Home Advantage

One bright side of tailgating at home is easy access to all of your supplies and comforts of home. Need to replenish drinks? Easy - just head to your fridge. Running low on dip? Snag more from your kitchen - or whip up a batch of something quick and tasty.

When it comes to comfort, homegating has the obvious advantage. Few would argue against the simple fact that kicking back in a recliner in your living room or a chaise lounger on the patio is far more comfortable than the ubiquitous folding chairs found at most traditional tailgates. And if you’re in a climate that gets cold (like those of us here in New England), the ability to head inside your warm, heated home or huddle near a fire pit during the coldest days of the season is a huge plus. When planning your homegate, make the most of your home advantage by stocking your kitchen with plenty of choice drinks and snacks.

Homegating on your deck or patio? Add extra comfort to your outside seating - mix in a few indoor/outdoor deck pillows and bring warm throw blankets outside (bonus points for blankets with your team’s logo!).

Elevate Your Game Day Snacks

Since your homegating party takes place… well…at home, your football tailgating snacks menu doesn’t have to be restricted to things that might be easier to eat while standing in a crowded stadium parking lot. Of course, it’s great to add your favorite stadium staples, like soft pretzels and cold beer, but homegating gives you a chance to get creative and really have fun with your game day spread. Make your next game day gathering extra memorable by serving something unexpected at your homegate, such as Maine Lobster Rolls flown in from Portland, ME, or Maine Lobster Dip served with hearty crackers.

Add some sweets to the mix with a personal touch - M&M chocolate chip cookies in your team colors, mini-cupcakes frosted with sprinkles that match your favorite team, football shaped sugar cookies...the possibilities are endless and delicious when it comes to tailgating at home. 

Create A Winning Theme

Another advantage of tailgates at home is the ability to create an environment that truly reflects the celebration your team deserves. Choose your theme and go all out! Gathering super fans of your favorite team? Deck your living room or “man cave” out with streamers in your team colors, and proudly display all your best team merch, so like-minded fans can join in your excitement. Entertaining fans of opposing teams? Lean into this as your theme! Decorate half your space in one team’s logo and use the opposing team’s color and logo on the other half. Plan simple games or bring small prizes for the winning team fans to have even more fun with friendly competition.

Food can play a big part in your theme too. Comfort food is a welcome theme for fall - and works especially well for a casual homegating party. If comfort is your angle, try a snack-y and upgraded spin on comfort food staples to make your event extra memorable. Serving mini-bowls of Lobster Mac & Cheese, or split Maine Lobster Tails on a stick is a fun way to drive the comfort theme home, and provide a special touch you wouldn’t find at a traditional tailgate.

Whether you’re a super fan or casual football connoisseur, hosting a homegate this season can provide joy and connection at a time when we need it most.

Inspired by these ideas? Take a look at our customer-favorites, and start your homegate off right with succulent lobster directly from the docks of Maine.

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