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Holiday Appetizers

Holiday Appetizers

For Your Holiday Party: Just Add Lobster…or Oysters…or Scallops or Crab!

Holiday appetizers and side dishes are more delicious and exciting when you bring a little extra something to the table. Nothing delights a dinner crowd like a truly unexpected treat, such as savory bacon wrapped scallops or a decadent lobster dip.

Here at GetMaineLobster.com, we believe everyone should have access to seafood that brings a lot of extra joy to the table, without all the extra work - even if you live in an area without a fresh fish company in sight.

Read on to discover ideas that will make your appetizers the star of every holiday you host.

Easy holiday party food, AKA Lobster Meat

Let’s face it: being invited to a dinner party can sometimes be as stressful as hosting your own when you are caught unprepared. Your host says, "just bring a dish" and you’re at a loss.

It’s easy to feel the same pressure to impress as a guest, even though you aren’t actually hosting.

Luckily, there are many easy lobster meat recipes that taste absolutely exquisite and ease the “just bring something to eat” pressure. 

Buying picked and cooked lobster meat is the easiest way to bring lobster appetizers and holiday side dishes to life. The recipe options are endless, from finger foods, to seafood salad to lobster rolls, pastas and stews.

Check out our easy Maine Lobster Bites recipe here.

Feeling a little more adventurous? Our Lobster and Bacon Stuffed Jalapeno Bites are a dinner party showstopper, and take under 15 minutes to prepare. MAKE IT.

Our lobster meat is harvested by local fisherman who work in Casco Bay, Maine, and expertly hand-picked, delivered on the dock, and immediately packaged to ship directly to your door.

And since our lobster meat is precooked, you can add it to your recipe (or enjoy it yourself!) at your convenience.

Another easy, yet special touch are Maine Crab Cakes. Ours are made using locally-sourced ingredients and fresh Maine crab.  A quick sear at home, and you can bring them warm to your host to finish in the oven.

No one will be able to resist the sweet and savory goodness. 

What to bring to a holiday potluck

The idea behind most holiday potluck dinners is to share a meal with friends, family or co-workers in a relaxed, casual setting. Yet, we’ve all had that fleeting moment of stress when a potluck party is in the works, and you’ve yet to decide on the perfect dish.

You may wonder: “What should I bring to a holiday potluck?” or “What are the best potluck dishes for work?”

Simple seared scallops are one guaranteed crowd-pleaser. They’re easy to prepare, easy to transport, and so delicious, you’re highly unlikely to have any leftovers to clean up.


Our New England Scallops are plump, meaty and guaranteed fresh. In fact, we hand-select our fresh fish locally and daily, so you only experience the best.

If you’re in the mood to really impress at your next Christmas potluck, try our delectable, yet quite easy recipe for Seared Scallops Over a Parmesan Crisp. MAKE IT.

Holiday appetizers for a crowd

If it’s your turn to host the holiday party this year, you may be searching everywhere for hor d'oeuvres and side dishes that will make your meal special and memorable.

Hosting a holiday dinner can be a fun, but intimidating task - especially if you’ll be serving a large crowd. Recipes that can be made in larger batches are life-savers in these moments.

Use our precooked lobster meat to whip up a batch of Asian style Maine Lobster Cakes. You’ll impress your guests with a unique, flavorful starter and have plenty to satiate a crowd. MAKE IT.

Tasty dips also make great appetizers for a large crowd. They can be easy to make, easy to store and very easy to serve. Consider making a creamy lobster dip for your big holiday party. You can easily use our lobster meat to make our mouthwatering Baked Maine Lobster & Brie Dip.

If you aren’t putting lobster on the menu this year, try searing scallops and wrapping them in bacon. An all-time classic appetizer, bacon wrapped scallops are an excellent (and savory) choice for hosting a larger group.

Hosting a small gathering or enjoying a quiet holiday with one special person? Make the moment more special than ever with fresh oysters from Maine.

Raised by growers all along our coastlines, many would consider the best oysters in the country (and even the world) to be from Maine.

We’re huge fans of Maine oysters sourced from the Damariscotta River, raised near the tidal mouth of the river where it meets the sea. Coveted for their punchy, briny “liquor” and robust flavor, these Damariscotta Oysters come straight out of the water and right to our dock for absolute pristine freshness.

Our big, “cocktail” size oysters are absolutely perfect when served chilled on the half shell with just a kiss of lemon or dollop of spicy cocktail sauce. This is a holiday appetizer or side dish that will truly take your meal to the next level.

It’s easy to feel stressed during the hustle and bustle of the holiday season.

Especially when it comes to planning and preparing food for holiday parties. Let us take some of the work off your plate, by delivering fresh Maine seafood to your door.

There are endless recipes for lobster and seafood appetizers that can help assure your holiday soiree is a smashing success – and a special experience everyone will remember for years to come.