Getting through an American beef shortage Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

Getting through an American beef shortage

It's bad enough we have to wait in line to go to the grocery store. Now, it seems many beef, chicken and pork processing plants are being forced to shut down because of the coronavirus.

Here are some tips to help you get your "meat" fix during a shortage.

Look beyond the supermarket

With meat plants facing shutdowns, now's a good time to look to your local farms, and other alternatives to larger grocery stores, who often source their meats from large processors.

Even with social distancing best practices in place, many smaller farms are able to serve their communities through local drop off services and farm stand hours. Check with the farms near you to see what options are available.

If you can’t swing a farm run, try having farm fresh meats delivered to you - such as one of our most popular current specials: a combo dinner that includes juicy, 12 oz. steaks from Pineland Farms, a natural beef producer here in Maine that’s committed to producing the highest quality all-natural beef from cattle raised in the Eastern region of the country.

Check out some of our easy dinner options that are in stock and ready to ship.

Try a Pescatarian menu

Not only is a Pescatarian or Pescavegan diet proven to have many health benefits, it can also be absolutely delicious - especially when you incorporate lobster, scallops, crab legs, and wild caught fish into your menu.

Pescatarians generally enjoy a vegetarian menu, and get their protein from seafood. Pescavegans eat a plant based - usually dairy free diet, and also look to seafood for a protein source.

From weight control to heart health, many benefits have been associated with a veggie and seafood based diet - and with a plethora of seafood based recipes available, this healthy diet can also provide great taste and a little fun. Especially for those who enjoy getting creative in the kitchen!

If you've ever considered giving these diets a try, there's no better time than now. Here are some delicious seafood options to get you started.

Eat more lobster!

We may be a little biased, but hear us out. Lobster is rich in flavor, a great source of many important vitamins and minerals, and makes a savory swap out for traditional red meat based recipes.

When it comes to lobster, there’s nothing like the ones caught off the coasts of Maine. The ice cold waters of the deep Atlantic gives the meat a sweet, ocean-fresh taste unlike lobsters found anywhere else in the world. It makes a truly indulgent meal! Long considered a dining delicacy, you won't feel like you're missing out when you replace beef or chicken with fresh lobster from Maine.

Not to mention, lobster comes with many health benefits of its own.

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Adjusting how we eat can be tough, especially when it's coming from a situation that's out of our control.

But, this temporary change can have a silver lining. Try some new recipes, get to know your local farms, discover new ways to eat healthy with seafood. Have something special delivered for your next dinner - why not experience something new and delicious, such as Live Maine Lobster?

In the meantime, we'll keep doing our best to help you bring farm fresh meats, authentic Maine lobster and scrumptious seafood to your table. As always, we're here to help and serve.