New Partnership w/ Gary Vee's VeeFriends Community

New Partnership w/ Gary Vee's VeeFriends Community

Alright, guys, this one’s gonna blow your mind. Get Maine Lobster is teaming up with Gary Vaynerchuk’s VeeFriends community! Now, if you’re not familiar with VeeFriends, let me paint you a picture. Imagine a world where art, storytelling, collectibles, and cutting-edge tech come together to create a community focused on positivity and kindness.

Sounds pretty cool, right?

What’s VeeFriends?

VeeFriends is the brainchild of Gary Vaynerchuk, a guy who knows a thing or two about building epic communities. It’s like the Marvel Universe of the business world, blending art, stories, and tech to spread good vibes and forge meaningful connections. Think positivity, think kindness, think epic.

Why This Partnership Rocks

At Get Maine Lobster, we’re all about creating unforgettable experiences that bring people together. And when we saw what VeeFriends was doing, we knew we had to get involved. This partnership is like peanut butter meeting jelly – a perfect match.

Together, we’re gearing up to bring you some seriously amazing moments.

Stay Tuned

Now, here’s where it gets exciting. This summer, we’re rolling out some killer events and special offers thanks to our new partnership. Keep an eye on our social media because you won’t want to miss what we have in store.

Join the Fun

We want you to be a part of this journey. Follow us on social media to stay in the loop on all the fun, engaging activities we’re planning. With VeeFriends on our side, we’re spreading positivity and making connections, one lobster roll at a time.

Conclusion: This summer is going to be legendary. We’re diving headfirst into this partnership with VeeFriends, ready to bring you creativity, community, and a whole lot of lobster. Get ready to ride the wave of positivity and deliciousness!

Stay tuned as this partnership unfolds. Trust me, you’re not gonna want to miss it.

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