New England Patriots Fan Cheering Intensely

Essentials for Your New England Themed Football Party

The team has done it yet again!!

That’s right, our Patriots are making their eleventh appearance in the big game!! Just in case you doubted our team’s greatness, by going for win number six, they will tie Pittsburgh for most title wins by a team. 

There is no better way to celebrate this game and achievement than by hosting a viewing party inspired by our great region and team: New England. 

Keep reading for some of the essentials you’ll need to make your party as legendary as Tom Brady himself.

Pick the New England food staples . . . i.e. Lobster

You definitely want the options you have for your food spread to be fun; I mean how often can you really have pizza and wings? 

When your team is in the game and your party is all about the area your team represents, you should go for the extra point where food is concerned.

Nothing says New England food quite like fresh seafood, especially lobster from Maine.

Serve food worthy of the occasion that includes lobster in the recipe to add that touch of New England and score big with flavor.

For dessert, you cannot get any more New England than Boston Cream Pie.

Give making it yourself a try with a classic Boston Cream Pie recipe to impress your guests even more.

Including these New England staples into your lineup, will undoubtedly show where your loyalty lies for the game.

Show off your Patriots pride

Our team is ready to add another accomplishment this year by tying for the most big game wins by a team.

At your party, show your pride while the team makes their attempt and further cements their great legacy.

To get your guests really into the spirit fill your home with everything Patriots, including decorations just for the big game. There will be no doubting which team you support.

By throwing a New England themed party you’re showing how big a fan you are already, but another appearance in the big game means a great excuse to buy new merchandise so you can proudly represent New England on Sunday.

Now, both you and your house will show that you bleed nautical blue, classic red and new century silver.

Are you ready?

You’ve already added New England touches to your menu, decor and outfit, but what else is needed to make your game day party a success?

Besides a win by your team, which let’s face it you have no control over, you can make sure you and your home are ready for hosting duties.

Go for the win by having a sofa that will fit your guests comfortably. The last thing you want when the game is going badly is to give people another reason to complain, like lack of seating.

You also want to ensure that your T.V. is great condition. If it isn’t, there are thankfully some great T.V. deals at this time of year just because of the event. Trust me, you don’t want to see what a diehard fan will do when the screen goes blank during a nail biting play.

Regardless, our team is back in the big game and that’s reason to celebrate! Make it a true New England affair and send all the good luck you can to our guys this Sunday so we can make history yet again!!