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Create Something Spectacular for Mom with Maine Lobster this Mother's Day

6 Recipes that will make Mom glad she brought you into this world

Mothers are special; there's just no way around it. From the day they first cradle you in their arms, to the day they mutter under their breath "don't let the door hit you...," as you eagerly set off to conquer the world, one could swear they were put there just to shine light on your every day. Frivolity aside, if you're planning a really special creation all your own for Mom this May 12, consider one (or all) of these choice recipes that were a big hit with our leading ladies here at GML.

Maine LobsterĀ Breakfast Casserole
Breakfast in bed. Now, what mother wouldn't feel appreciated with an a.m. start like that? Add a mimosa with this awesome display of buttery richness and she'll jump out of bed feeling giddy.

Maine Lobster Panini
Melt-in-your-mouthĀ panini for your favorite mother all rolled into one glorious swirl of deliciousness. We tried to think of a better way to say thanks, Mom, but somehow a bouquet of flowers or a box of chocolates just didn't hold up.

Bacon & Lobster Sliders
Okay, so cooking is a bit of a stretch for you, but you're pretty sure about how to cook bacon, you have a solid understanding of what constitutes "good" bread, and you can appreciate that mix-it-all-up-in-one-bowl concept. Yes? Behold, the best variation of a BLT Mom will ever devour, and let's face it, she is a goddess.

Lobster Crostini
These little morsels made from heaven nearly madeĀ Mark's mother, Carol, swoon.Ā 

Fried Lobster Mac & Cheese
There's not a mother in the world that would ever choose bon bons over these tasty, little crunch monsters. We're not kidding.

Maine Lobster Risotto
We know the title of this recipe may seem a bit intimidating at first glance, but just think about what a challenge you were to raise up to the fine person you are today. Honestly, looks are deceiving. This recipe is out of this world and even some of our less talented cooks here at GML say that for a little bit of work it's a lot of goodness.

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