Be Bold with your Boo with Lobster

Be Bold with your Boo with Lobster

You know what they say about seafood, and they’ve been saying it for a long time. There’s a reason that when Botticelli painted Venus, the Roman Goddess of Love, birthed out of the sea, he put her on a scallop shell. And that association of Venus — or Aphrodite — with the sea goes back at least a couple thousand years before, if not earlier.

These days, science seems to back up the ancients: According to a study published in 2018, researchers who followed 500 couples in Michigan and Texas for one year found that they had a 39 percent higher odds of being intimate on days when both partners ate seafood.

Another bit of common sense reinforced by research is that planning date night helps couples stay happier.

We’ve got great ideas and suggestions for Maine Lobster for an unforgettable date night at home, from our quick and delicious lobster roll kits to our signature live Maine Lobster shipped from dock to your doorstep overnight or to arrive when you want. Want to recapture that memory of the seafood tacos you had on the beach during your honeymoon? Excited to try steaming or even grilling our live lobster with your special someone, but a little intimidated? Relax, lobsterman Mark’s got you covered, with prep tips and recipes galore.

Date night should be as extraordinary and memorable as the love that drew you together. Botticelli didn’t put Venus on a hotdog bun, a plate of leftovers, or a mound of all-you-can-eat pasta that leaves you feeling like you’ve eaten all you can and ready for nothing more romantic than the warm embrace of a recliner and a remote control.

On the other hand, Botticelli never had the chance to try Maine lobster. I wonder if he’d have changed anything?


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