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April Fools Pranks We Love

April fools is a fun day for us. Nothing says "love" like a good prank. Below are some of our favorite pranks.

Krispy Kreme Veges

My wife did this one to my daughter and I. We should have known, she never brings home donuts for us. Fill the donut box with spinach and leave on the counter top.

Bubble Wrap Under a Rug

This one is fun, especially for the ones in your family that need "quiet time" in the morning. Get some bubble wrap at your local packaging store and place under the rug. Ha!

Bubble Wrap Under The Rug

Cream Cheese Deodorant

This one does not need an explanation. Execution, however takes patience. Twist at the bottom of the container until around two inches of deodorant comes out. Remove it with a spoon and replace it with cream cheese, which you then mold and shape with your hands. It takes time and some creativity, as it needs to look realistic enough that your friend won’t think twice about plunging it into their armpits.

Toothpaste Oreos

Warning: your Oreo lover is going to get angry at this one. This one is easy to pull off. Just scrape our the yummy cream filling and replace with white toothpaste!

Hope this post inspires you to have some fun. We will surely be setting pranks all day on the dock.

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