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A Walkthrough of Vital Lobster Eating Utensils

Did you know that the authentic Maine Lobster experience is as much about the "process" as it is about the luxurious taste?

There’s the tactile crack of shells, the satisfying drizzling and dipping of butter, and let’s not forget the taste and texture of the lobster meat as well.

The whole process of preparing and enjoying lobster eating lobster is a huge part of our traditional lobster feasts here in Maine

However, many of our customers have shared with us that cooking and eating lobster for the first time felt a bit intimidating.

Want to know one of the most common questions we hear about how to eat lobster? What utensils to use! So when it comes to eating Maine Lobster, what tools are right for the job?

Chefs Knife

The classic chef’s knife is a mainstay of the kitchen for many home chefs. It’s big enough to make easy work of most dinner prep while also staying light and elegant enough to make it suitable for more delicate work as well.

In the world of lobster cooking and eating, the chef’s knife reigns supreme. You can crack claws using the back of the blade or use it to effectively split the shells of the lobster using the sharp end. Did you know that for many, using the chef’s knife is preferable to using the traditional cracker? The splits created from the blade are often cleaner and easier to manage.

Seafood Cracker

Of course, we don't all have professional chef’s knives hanging around in our kitchens. So instead, the humble lobster or seafood cracker can make easy work of hard lobster shells and claws with relative ease. And with lobster crackers, you have a much lower chance getting hurt if your hand slips.

Cocktail Forks

Ahh the cocktail fork...the unsung hero of lobster enthusiasts everywhere! With a much smaller profile than traditional forks, the smaller "cocktail" variant is great for getting into the nooks and crannies of lobster shells.

And no need to shell out the big bucks here...cocktail forks don’t need to be anything special - just small and thin.

Dinner Napkins

Finally, having a good set of napkins on hand as you all tuck into your lobster feast is vital. Why? Because eating Maine lobsters can be a bit of a wonderfully messy affair!

Having some quality linen napkins within reach can be the gift that keeps on giving. You can use them to keep clean, and also help avoid burning your hands on freshly cooked lobster shells...plus why not make the process of grabbing a juicy lobster tail that much easier?

That’s it for today’s post from Get Maine Lobster. We hope you join us for our next  entry to learn more about what we’re up to and what makes Maine Lobster so unique. 
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