7 Lucky Foods To Get You Through Friday the 13th Blog image by Get Maine Lobster

7 Lucky Foods To Get You Through Friday the 13th

From sticking to specific routines each morning before going to check their traps, to avoiding painting their boats blue, to never speaking the word “pig” aboard their boat, the lobstermen and women of Maine have many age-old superstitions.

Here at GML we know of plenty more superstitions, although most of them have food at the center. In honor of this Friday the 13th here are our favorite lucky foods that give us good luck.

When trying to stack our odds in our favor we love to include garlic in our meals. One of our favorite dishes that includes this lucky ingredient is our lobster on garlic white bean bruschetta.

An important ingredient for different cultures around the world, salt has long been touted as good luck food (just be sure not to spill it)! When working with seafood, it is important to make sure we don't over use salt - in most cases a pinch will do - but it is a great way to increase our luck. Practically all of the recipes on our website will be rich in the fortunate mineral, given the natural ocean brine our Maine lobster & seafoods possess!

One lucky food that also happens to be delicious and an integral part of our Maine lobster rolls is bread. When you order your lobster roll kit you will also get some New England split top buns to toast to perfection. While you are enjoying your decedent lobster rolls, you can rest assured that you are getting a little luckier with each bite.

Lentils & Whole Fish
Another lucky food that goes well with seafood is lentils. As we get closer to the chilly temperatures of fall, there is nothing better than relaxing after a long day with seafood and lentil soup. By the way, fish is known as a good luck symbol in many cultures as well! In fact, during Chinese New Year, eating whole fish is said to welcome prosperity into your life.

Leafy Green Veggies
Historically, greens such as kale and spinach have been regarded as very healthy and lucky options. And if you throw some lobster and lemon and oil in with the greens then you have yourself a beautiful salad.

If you do end up going with the lucky salad option, then pomegranate could serve to upscale it in a lucky way. Since ancient times in the Mediterranean and Middle Eastern regions of the world, the pomegranate has been regarded as a fortunate fruit. It also happens to be an excellent addition to any salad, and is a sweet, perfectly tart snack on its own.

Finally after all this food, we'd like to end on a sweeter note. And the luckiest dessert that we could find is the doughnut. It symbolizes the cyclical nature of life. It also happens to be a delicious way to end any meal. Almost as indulgent as our Maine Whoopie Pies....almost!

Hopefully this list of lucky foods can serve to inform you as you decide what to eat the next time you need a stroke of good luck.