2019 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

2019 Holiday Shipping Deadlines

Mark Murrell

In an effort to ensure that your holiday Maine lobster experience goes off without a hitch, we offer the following insights.

When should I order?

We give you the option to select the arrival date. You can choose any Tuesday - Saturday. Because of the frenzy during the holiday season, we suggest you claim your lobsters, lobster tails or seafood early in the season. We have sold out of product before.

Another consideration is when you are ordering anything but live lobsters. Live lobsters should always be enjoyed on the day of arrival. However, if you are ordering lobster tails, seafood, etc. you can have your order arrival a few days before meal time. That way, if UPS or FedEx are delayed, you’re not sitting there with an empty plate. 

I am sending lobsters as a gift.

First off, you’re awesome. You know how to make someone’s day. If you’re sending lobsters to a friend, family member, or loved one, it’s imperative that you let them know something special is on the way, and request that they be home on that day of delivery. While a wonderful gift, it’s a little bit tricky when live lobsters arrive on your doorstep as a surprise. What if it’s Taco Tuesday?

You may want to consider sending them one of our eGifts. That way they can choose their fave and select when it arrives. Don’t worry, they will be texting you pics of how awesome it was, nothing lost by sending a gift certificate.

When is the last day I can order?

The last day you can order is 12/23 (by 10am EST) for arrival on 12/24. That said, as mentioned above, we strongly suggest you lock-down your order early in the season. We are expecting some heavy traffic and we will likely sell out of certain products.

When will my order arrive?

During the busy holiday season, your shipment may encounter a longer time in transit to deliver to your doorstep. As hard as they’re working, there will be delays. Most urban locations will see deliveries earlier in the day or early afternoon. Rural locations may see deliveries later in the day. We can not guarantee any shipment’s delivery time, though, we recommend that you or the gift recipient be prepared on the date you selected.