November Mystery Box

November Mystery Box

Katrina Crowell


This one's for all of our lobster lovers & holiday early birds!

Our limited edition November Mystery Box is filled with your favorite delights fresh from the sea, and arrives frozen so you can thaw and enjoy immediately, or save in the freezer for your Thanksgiving or holiday feast. 

This mystery box is perfect for elevating pasta dishes, appetizers or your favorite holiday recipes. No matter how you choose to savor this month's mystery box, our carefully curated selection assures you (and your dinner companions) are in for a true five-star restaurant experience.

Special hint: November's Mystery Box includes the dining delicacy you love most: succulent Maine Lobster! Hurry, only 100 November Mystery Boxes are available - and our mystery boxes always sell out fast.


  • Feeds 12-15 people
  • Indulgent and savory with delights fresh from the sea
  • Special hint: includes succulent Maine Lobster 
  • Comes ready to thaw, heat & enjoy, or save in freezer for your Thanksgiving/holiday feast
  • Arrives Wednesday, 11/18/20
  • Only $129.99 with FREE Shipping - with up to 15 servings, that's less than $8.75 per serving!
  • Limited Edition Box - only 100 available, claim yours today

Don't miss the boat! This indulgent Mystery Box will go fast.