January Box Has Arrived

January Box Has Arrived


Our latest Mystery Box was designed for your ultimate playoffs watch party experience at home, with premium seafood delicacies packed with flavor that will make your tastebuds cheer.

Features four different types of shellfish - including four of our sweetest 4-5 oz. Maine lobster tails! Only $139.99 | Arrives Thursday, 1/13/22| Free Overnight Shipping

More Features/Hints:

  • 4 Sweetest, wild-caught Maine Lobster Tails (4-5oz.) included!
  • Also includes 3 additional crowd-pleasing shellfish starters
  • Curated for at-home playoff parties - makes the ultimate app spread
  • All items flash-frozen for unrivaled ocean-freshness
  • Comes ready to thaw, cook & enjoy - detailed prep instructions included
  • Arrives Thursday, 1/13/22; Just $139.99 with FREE Shipping

This winning assortment is guaranteed to be the highlight of the weekend for football fans or any flavor-loving folks. Limited Edition Box - only 135 available, claim yours today!