Mark Murrell a.k.a. (El Jefe)

Freeport, Maine | Chief Curator

“I work with the most ridiculously fun and smart team every day. Aside from delivering the freshest and sweetest lobster and seafood this world has to offer, we do a lot to provide healthful foods and recipes and reduce our carbon impact on the environment. We’re on our way to reaching the number 1 spot for overnight Maine lobster delivery service in the country, and we have you to thank for that!”

Mark grew up in Auburn, Maine and graduated from Edward Little High School and the University of Southern Maine. No matter where he’s lived in the United States, he maintains that his roots are in Maine, and Maine is rooted in lobster. I’ve enjoyed the delights of Maine lobster since I was a kid. Growing up, my mother could get fresh, live Maine lobster from just about anywhere, even from a truck pulled over alongside the road on her way home from work. My fondest memory of Maine lobster is the messy experience it creates, buttery chins, smiling faces and all!

Marc Beaudry a.k.a. (Phace)

Auburn, Maine | Director of Customer Experience

I’m proud of the humility, honesty, and strong work ethic of our team and to see that shine through in our daily dealings with folks. The success of this small business and its growth is just one reason why it’s so easy to do what I do. GO TEAM GML!”

One of Marc’s fondest Maine lobster memories is with good friends at his family’s camp hosting a lobster bake. Everyone stood around the fire eating, laughing, and generally appreciating good food, friends, and weather. …a perfect Maine day and an act he tries to follow often.

Marc’s second favorite lobster memory…turning on his son to live, Maine lobsters!

Andrew Desgrosseilliers a.k.a. (Chef)

Lima, Peru | Vice President of Operations

“We like to think we keep this operation running like a well-oiled machine and all the while make sure we have a lot of fun. If I’m not here at my desk, then I’m thinking about Maine lobster. I love it, but is that normal?”

Being a Maine native, Chef experienced the flavor of lobster regularly, and with a strong background in culinary arts, he puts most of the GML team to shame when it comes to preparing a Maine lobster feastthough there are a few at GML who argue that point and continue to attempt to outperform him. Chef has fond memories of driving directly to the docks and shooting the breeze with the local lobstermen to satisfy his lobster hankerings.

Moe Beaudry a.k.a. (Mow ’em Down)

Durham, Maine | Customer Support Guru & Sales

I never get tired of my experiences with people—how appreciative and friendly they are all over this great country, so responding to their questions and getting the orders right are what it’s all about here. I want our customers to get just as excited as I do when they eat Maine lobster.”

Mow is very familiar with lobster, having been raised in Maine and enjoyed it often at his family’s dinner table. Growing up, he had a pet cat named Scratch, who entertained his family during spars with feisty lobsters placed on the kitchen floor.

Is that why you like Tigger so much, Mow?

When Mow’s not helping out GML customers, he likes to spend his time with his family and following the Patriots.

Barry Feingold a.k.a. (El Gringo Loco)

Lima, Peru | Customer Service and Sales

“It really doesn’t get any better than this, working with an awesome team while helping our customers have the ultimate Maine Seafood Dining Experience!  At GML, we’re all about connecting people to something they love, great food! I really enjoy talking to folks about how much they enjoy Maine Lobstah and all of our other delicious seafood. You can just tell they’re smiling on the other end of the line, and so am I! ”
Although originally from the Boston area, Barry’s family bought a house on Peaks Island back in 1946, and have been spending their summers on the island in Casco Bay ever since.  That’s where Barry first fell in love with Maine lobster, running over to the local lobsterman with his brothers to pick up a bag full of quarters and halves to eat that night, with his grandmother teaching them how to eat one, and even how to love tomalley!  Every summer, he always makes it a point to journey back to Peaks with his family to breathe in that ocean breeze, walk the island, skip rocks, look for crabs, feast on some fabulous lobster and fall asleep to the sounds of the Atlantic crashing on the rocks.

Paul Murrell a.k.a. (Mr. Funnypants)

Scarborough, Maine | Mark’s older, wiser, and better-looking brother

Lobster dinner is an experience, one that everyone should have. As a kid, I looked forward to those special events. Now, I get a lot of joy helping folks plan their special events. Everyone is excited with anticipation of the Big Feast. The energy is AWESOME!

Maine is a great place, and I take great pride in being a Mainah! GML gives me the opportunity to share the purest part of Maine—the unforgettable flavor of lobster. No matter where I am in the world, conversations seem to unfold about lobster, because the topic excites. Working at GML is a great opportunity. My goal is to take the positive energy I receive from our customers, share it with the locals, and get them to share some Lobster Love’n with their friends and families around the country.”

Mr. Funnypants grew up in Auburn, Maine, and has lived most of his adult life 40 miles south of there. He and his wife, Tracey, have two teenage daughters they love to watch grow and mature. They own and operate their own business, Lil’ Folk Farm Pre-School, where Mr. Funnypants takes care of all handyman duties when he’s not raving about Maine lobster.

He joined the GML team after many years of being hounded by his brother, Mark.