Mark Murrell
Mark Murrell, Chief Curator

My name is Mark Murrell and I grew up in Auburn, Maine, 30 miles northwest of Portland. I graduated from Edward Little High School and the University of Southern Maine. No matter where I have lived in the United States, my roots are here in Maine, and Maine is rooted in lobster. I’ve enjoyed the delights of Maine lobster since I was a kid. Growing up, my mother could get fresh, live Maine lobster from just about anywhere, even from a truck pulled over alongside the road on her way home from work. My fondest memory of Maine lobster is the experience it creates, buttery chins, smiling faces and all! The experience comes from cracking open the shells and finding the succulent meat inside. It creates an atmosphere like none other, and it’s one I want to share with everyone!

Working among the lobstermen in Mid-coast Maine gave me an understanding of how important a resource lobster is. I saw how hard they worked to haul the traps and rush to market to earn a living. When I moved to the Midwest, it hit me: lobster was tough to get at an affordable price. Many of my friends there had never eaten it, and I missed it! That’s when I found a way to deliver fresh, Maine lobster direct from the dock to the doorstep.
I continue to work directly with Maine lobstermen and fishermen. They tell me regularly that what I’m doing at is more than just a business; it’s helping to bring Maine’s wholesome way of life, a way of life we’re all proud to share, to the tables of families everywhere. My team and I are passionate about bringing smiles to the tables of families through lobster—just like it did for us growing up—hassle-free! That makes my day, every day! Call me anytime with questions!

Mark Murrell, Founder & Chief Curator
207-402-0171 (mobile)

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