About our Maine Lobster Company:

GetMaineLobster.com is division of Black Point Seafood and Black Point Gourmet. We hand-select the finest Maine lobster, seafood, and now beef products, and distribute throughout the U.S. We have a passion for making Maine seafood readily available, and bringing the finest foods to the plates of our customers across the country.

Freshness and quality are this Maine lobster company’s top priorities. We buy directly from well-established, trusted suppliers to ensure that you receive the finest product available. LIKE US on Facebook.

We offer all wild-caught live Maine lobsters from Maine lobstermen, and we use clean, humane practices during handling to ensure that you receive the tastiest lobster meat you’ll ever eat! Our Maine products are all natural and chemical free.

You will love our Maine Seafood!

Contact Us:
GetMaineLobster.com (Black Point Seafood)
392 Fore Street
Portland, ME 04101
EMAIL (Preferable) info@getmainelobster.com

Call Us: 866-562-4817

Hours of Operation
Mon – Fri: 8am EST through 8pm EST
Saturday and Sunday: email support only

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