Step 1Season the filet: 0k, so you have your filets thawed out and on the counter. The only seasoning I recommend to help this steak out is some fresh ground black pepper but, some people like to add Montreal Steak Seasoning, which I love. I would save the salt for the end, some say it aides in drying up the meat, you probably will not need to add Salt because this Filet has enough flavor.

Step 2Let it rest:  In order to reduce grilling time and ensure consistent cooking throughout the steak, you must bring the filet to room temperature. This is your easiest step, once it’s seasoned just leave it on the kitchen counter. Let it sit between 30- 45 minutes.

Step 3Light the grill: Light it up and set it on High. To Grill Steak please let the grill get as hot as you can. When it looks white it’s time to grill.

Step 4Chuck it on!: Like the Mainiacs say ‘Chuck it on!’ Place the filet’s on the grill and don’t touch. Inexperienced grillers like to move stuff too early. Just let it be. Until I tell you to move it.

 Step 5Grill marks!:  You want to  make those grill marks like the Chefs do…don’t ya? After about 2 minutes if you like it medium rare, turn the filet 90 degrees and continue to grill. After about 3-4 Minutes flip it over.

 Step 6After the flip:  Ok so you already flipped it over. Same thing as above. Leave for 2 minutes, then rotate 90 degrees and grill for 3-4 minutes.

Step 7 Finger Test: Alright, time for the finger test. If you have never done this before grab a thermometer. For Rare 120 to 130, Medium rare 130-140, Medium 140 to 150, medium well 150 to 160, and for Well-done just cook the hell out of it.

Step 8Let it Rest # 2: Take it off the grill and let it rest for 2 minutes before carving it up and gulping it down. This will allow the juices to settle in the filet. Trust me it’s better this way. Ok it’s ready eat up!