Our Maine Lobster Roll Kit is a cinch to put together. Just follow these simple tips and you should be chowing down on some Maine goodness in less than 5 minutes.

  1. Mainer Tip: empty all of the meat you plan to use in a strainer and let the lobster meat strain for about 15 mins…trust me, it helps.
  2. Get your skillet or sauté pan going on medium heat
  3. Mix the picked lobster meat, mayo, and spice kit
  4. Butter each side of the New England split-top buns
  5. In the skillet, brown each side of the bun
  6. Once the buns are golden brown, it’s time to put it all together
  7. Spoon in one hand and a bun in the other, scoop the lobster meat mix and place into the bun, two scoops per roll!
  8. Finally, order another kit for someone you love! VIEW LOBSTER ROLL SPECIALS 👈

“The lobster roll kit was perfect!!! Everyone loved them! I was amazed at the amount of lobster and the rolls were super soft!! Great product! Will do again!!”

–Martha, Ohio

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